Creative Cocktail Classics

Toscano Martini
Your choice of Tanqueray Gin or Absolut
Vodka, finished with a hint of Cinzano Dry Vermouth. Always a double 12.95

The "Makers" Manhattan
Served straight up with Makers Mark,
Cinzano Sweet Vermouth
and a dash of bitters 13.95

100 Proof Sazerac
  Knob Creek Rye, Absinthe &
bitters. The official cocktail of New
Orleans Mardi Gras (Beads not
included) 10.95

James Bond's Effen Vesper

  Effen vodka, Gilbey's gin & Lillet. He
loved her even more than
drinking 13.95

X Rated Cosmopolitan
A racier version of the classic. XRated fruit
infused liqueur
Peach Vodka & Cranberry Juice 10.95

Huckleberry Lemon Drop
The addition of 44 North Huckleberry
Vodka, makes this a favorite
of bears wanting to hibernate 10.95

Cocktail Democracy
(Voted by our guests - The Best of March
Martini Madness)

12th Man Muddy Martini
Coconut Vodka, white & dark Creme
de Cocoa, cold brewed coffee & cream.
Our 4 favorites: Vodka,
coffee, chocolate & the Hawks 9.95

  If Cuba Were a Gimlet
Cruzan rum, fresh lime and sour.
Hemmingway drank these...also 10.95

XXX & Lemon
X Rated Liqueur, citrus vodka & lemonade.
What's a nice cocktail like you doing in a
place like this? 10.95

Key Lime Martini

Add Vanilla Vodka to a Key Lime Pie;
then liquify 9.95

Spicy Mandarin Martini
  Vodka, sweet & sour, fresh lime, Mandarin
orange syrup & cayenne. Have a little
heat with your vitamin C 10.95

Citrus Cilantro Martini
Citrus Vodka, sweet & sour, lime &
cilantro. A refreshing cocktail, or something
to dip your street taco in 10.95

Asian Pear
Absolut Pear Vodka, a splash of triple sec
and Ginger infused simple syrup. It's like
biting into a fresh pear 10.95

Ridiculously Refreshing

Puyallup's Best Rum Drink
Mango, Pineapple and Coconut Rums;
Orange and Cranberry juice, Meyers Dark
Rum and whatever
else the bartender has handy 9.95

Harbor Hibiscus Cosmo
  Gig Harbor's Heritage Hibicus vodka,
St. Germaine, grapefruit juice &
cranberry. A classy cocktail from our
favorite fishing village 11.95

Cucumber Basil Martini 2.0
  New & improved with Effen Cucumber
vodka, fresh cucumber, lime & basil. Drink our garden 10.95

P-Town Blackberry Lemonade
Ironic blend of gin, lemonade & house-
made blackberry shrub. Now you
don't need to go to Portland to drink
like a hipster 9.95

Tennessee Ginger Tea
  Jim Beam bourbon, chilled orange spice
tea, blood orange & ginger infused simple
syrup. Our new favorite ginger 11.95

The Cantarito
Get your vitamin "C" and vitamin "T"
altogether 10.95